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Meet Carissa

Intuitive Womb Worker

Throughout my spiritual evolvement I have been able to spiritually understand and merge beliefs and views of many backgrounds. This has naturally allowed me to dive deeper into the spiritual work of myself and others. I hold many roles and many gifts within spiritual medicine and physical medicine and only operate intuitively. I specialize specifcially in intuitive healing, ancestral lineage healing, energy work, medical herbalism/ aromatherapy, and as a stillbirth birth and bereavement doula. I spend 90% of my time as a conscious and present parent to my two littles 3 and 7. I certainly believe parenting was/is a significant portion of my spiritual evolution and I do cherish that the most.

My Specializations


I have accumulated many educational credentials but most importantly my spiritual gifts have no papers and can never be just “studied”. I believe in living and allowing my experience to be my best teacher.
Completely being rooted in observation and experience.

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Clinical & Medical Herbalism

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Clinical Aromatology

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Ancestral Nutritional Health

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Birth & Bereavement Supporter (Doula)

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Conscious & Present Parenting/ Unschooling

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Intuitive Healing 

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WELCOME -Carissa

What Clients Say


"Carissa is AMAZING in her work. From herbal healing to jewelry making, Carissa has NEVER disappointed me. Exceptional customer service and is extremely knowledgeable about herbs, healing and all things holistic."



"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"