About Me

I began my spiritual awakening in 2012 after a traumatic experience through childbirth and infant loss (stillbirth). At that time, I chose more of a self-healing journey over medications. I knew early on that connecting to my true essence and nature was more important than just an aesthetic and/or a temporary escape both medically and physically. It was my everyday relationship with nature, my mind, emotions, and physical health. I did not walk with any spiritual covering or mentors I really set out alone to figure this shit out. I went on many years since my childhood assessing the Christian beliefs I was programmed into, the twisted values, and even made many sacrifices along the way to change the narrative.


I eventually had to evaluate my own habits, the enslavement to relationships around me I formed codependent and emotional bonds to for a sense of security--and ended up stuck from time to time. One of the hardest portions of my journey was paying some heavy karmic debt in my bloodline. Losing babies, difficult marriage, parental relationships, and the way I handled life in general. I didn’t always know this is what was happening. It took many years to realize I was actually breaking the karmic loops in my family- and I was either going to accept it and get with it or avoid and constantly feel trapped and like I was missing something.


So, I eventually accepted and that has come with some heavy discomfort, tears, joy, relief a bunch of everything. 

As I've evolved and adjusted in my personal that also has shifted my offerings over the years both personally and publicly- energy-based, acknowledging one's ancestral connection in order to participate fully in one's own healing process. 

I am huge on stepping outside of the box, to observe and experience and unfold organically - not recycled. My experiences serve as a learning tool and in hopes to encourage at least a few to take on change openly and not latch on to too much. I have been able to take my experience in conventional medicine and continue to integrate it with alternative medicine in the physical, mental, and spiritual parts. Both internally and externally. From healing intergenerational womb trauma, supporting the bereaved, parenting (primary caregiver to many), home learning via unschooling, and more. I place a huge emphasis on our day-to-day connection to nature. This provides an intuitive healing process individual-based because each of us has a sacred unique journey inside out.


I believe in order to help maintain wellness, one has to understand the pathologies that approach a person’s dis-ease of the mind, body, and spirit (genetics/DNA) and connection to nature and earth’s energies. 

As of today, my services are only offered virtually. Any private sessions or custom herbal/aromatic products require a consultation first. This honors the spirit that facilitates my work and if working together is a good fit.


The evolution of my own personal experiences and HJI is always shifting and transforming as Healing Journey Intuitively truly requires.

Education and Certifications

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American College of Healthcare Sciences 2017-2020

AAS Complementary Alternative Medicine

Herbalism & Aromatherapy 

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Central Georgia Technical College 2016

Medical Business Administrative Technology 

Certified Sound Energy Practitioner 
Certified Stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doula 

Certified Healthcare Provider CPR

Certified BLS CPR (Adult/Child/Infant)

Certified Bloodborne Pathogens

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Community Awards & National Affiliations

Director of Clinical Herbalism at The Black Birth Healer 

2020 Chainbreaker Award-Victory Over Violence -Domestic Violence Affiliate

American Herbalist Guild (RH) 2021

Advanced Aromatherapy Practitioner -Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) 2021
NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) 2021

NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals -Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition 2021

Intuitive Womb Worker